Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Blog-jacked by Hypnos again. Dammit. This time, he gave us a date. A sort of ultimatum I guess. Either I (we?) surrender by Friday, or they'll attack us.
You know what. Fuck that, and you. We're ready, and the longer he gives us, the longer we have to prepare for it. Yeah, Hypnos. Come Friday. Waste your men and resources crawling through the net of wards. If you manage that, I would LOVE to get you in range of our lovely assortment of anti-proxy devices. I'm sure you'll have a wonderful time discovering them.
I'm sure you're frustrated that you can't read my mind to figure out what they are exactly. I know you've tried. I felt your miserable presence last night, fumbling with the locks on my mental doors like a child lost in the dark.
You should go back to fighting, Hypnos. Even crippled, you're better at that than this mental game.

Really though. We ARE ready for an attack. There isn't an inch of this place that isn't defensible.
Let's play.


  1. Don't be too confident. There are always cracks in the walls.

  2. Not to mention if they come through, heads will roll. I didn't kill him the first time he attacked. I will this time.

  3. The waiting is the worst part. There's only so much planning and preparing you can do, and you know what they say about plans. They only last up until the point they're implemented.

    Good luck you guys.

  4. Find a distraction until Friday. Best of luck.