Saturday, August 13, 2011

Dream pillows

Skan was right, they don't keep Hypnos out completely. But, I think they're working. The dream seems fragile, like if I were to take a hammer to the dream itself it would shatter into a million pieces. Things also seem to shift around a lot more. Nothing is solid..Nothing but that damned box. No matter what happens to the rest of the dreamscape, the box is always in the same rough location, and it is always solid.
I keep trying to open it, but nothing has even dented it so far.

On to happier matters. Eternity and Skan are cooking venison out there. I think it's almost done, because the smell coming from the fire is ungodly good.We'll be eating good tonight. :D


  1. Glad I could help, even though it isn’t much. :)

  2. They work so well in fact, that he's outside right now. I take back what I said earlier. Shoot on sight.