Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Cities & A Mission

I've never liked cities. They've always made me feel uncomfortable. Too many things that could go wrong at a moment's notice, too many things to watch at once, too many eyes watching.  But they have heights, which is what I'm aiming for. I'm testing the theory that Slendy doesn't do anything over four stories or so, which is why I've holed myself up in a ramshackle hotel on the top floor.  It hasn't been maintained in years, but the water works and it still has a bed (Though, I bought a bug bomb and washed everything first) I've hidden the boat as close by as I could get, just in case a mad dash by way of water is necessary.

I've also been thinking on another mission. Home. I need to resupply, gather some things I left behind when I was chased out by Him. I have a lot of useful stuff in that house. Trouble is, He knows it too. But as I said to Skan a few days back, it can't be any more dangerous that any other place right now. It seems like He follows me wherever I go anyway, so going back for a few hours probably wouldn't hurt, right? At least I hope. I'm going to wait a few days though..I'll wait for Mystery's ideas on mobile wards for sure, and I'll try to wait and see if Eternity figures out what's going on with this filter. I'm not sure if I trust her completely yet, but the least I can do is try to help figure this thing out. Just in case.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Oh, Damn...

The police found my boat a few hours ago while I was away..I came back to the campsite and they were on me like a pack of sharks attack a bleeding animal. I'm so glad I didn't read Eternity's blog post before this happened. I had no idea about the kid, or the witness..
I'll just post an account of the conversation, after the initial "FREEZE, GET ON THE GROUND, DON'T MOVE...bit"

Officer: What are you doing out here? How long have you been here? Where are you from? ((Keep in mind..These guys probably thought I was a killer...))
Me: I'm from (Insert City and State), I'm just out vacationing, getting away from home for a while. I've been here a week or so. Same campsite the whole time. Like i said I'm just vacationing-What's going on?
Officer: Local kid went missing, then the only witness we had to his disappearance drowned in the river a day after. Know anything about it,  son?
Me: No. I don't know either of those people.Never seen them before-I only go to town when I really need something.
Officer: So no one there would know you?
Me: Not likely, but you can try the owner of the corner grocery, he might recognize my face. That's really the only place I've been.
     {They took a snapshot...I couldn't really stop them.}
Officer: Well son, we'll take your name and address if we have more questions. But as of now you're free to go. Might want to find another place to vacation. This area is considered a crime scene now.
Me: I'll be leaving now, then. Or just as soon as you're done searching my stuff.
Officer: Should only be a few more minutes. Your boat there looks just like the one stolen from a boat dock some weeks back, by the way. Odd case, that. We never could find any leads.
    {At this I froze solid..Oh shit, they're going to bust me on that..Fuck...}
Me: That boat's been mine since I was a little kid. Got it for my birthday. I'd give you a number or something to verify it on, but it's long since been worn off by trees, rocks, the like.
Officer: No need for that. We're not interested in your boat. Just finding this kid. Looks like we're done, and since no one's found anything you're free to leave. I don't want to see you here again though, all right?
Me: I won't be back, trust me.

I packed up and left as fast as I could. I'm only stopping to update this blog. I intend to get as far away form this place as possible.

A missing kid. Sleepwalking in the dead of night. Out into the woods. There is no coincidence here. Something's going on.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

A Dream

I'm in the woods..It's dark..The trees are unnatural...They have no leaves..The bark is peeling..The bushes are dried up and thorny.. They bend slightly and move even though I feel no wind..The shadows are unnaturally long, the light itself is wrong...All wrong..The mist and fog is all around, creeping.. Yet I can see where I'm going. Something tells me I shouldn't go there, but I can't stop my feet from walking.  There's a cleared path ahead of me, going up a hill..I don't want to go there, but I keep going..I feel heavy..This place is so wrong...There's someone here. At the hilltop. A silhouette..a...person? It's not Him, too short, too human... They turn towards me. They have no face, no features.. They stretch out their arm towards me..Inviting.. I feel compelled to go...I take another step..

And then I wake up. This dream happens every night. And every night I get a step closer to the man (?) on the hilltop.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Back in action

Sorry, been a long time, been taking a break and trying to shake the demons. I haven't seen Eternity since the night of the incident. I dunno what's happened to her. More important I don't know why I care. That bothers me. I hope it's just because no one else deserves to fall to Slendy. I mean the woman wanted to kill me right? Fuck. Speaking of Slendy. Nothing but dreams. Horrible nightmares more like, but nothing of Him. I'm scared. I feel like something's gonna happen soon. I guess I'll keep running, nowhere to go but..I'll go because if I stop I know He'll get me. Or she will. I guess.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Damn that Woman

She left a fucking severed rabbit's head in my bag. What the HELL. Out of all the things to leave, a severed head? At least it wasn't a human head...Dammit Eternity.
Well anyway, short rant about getting all my stuff bloody over...She came to me last night. I was sitting by the campfire (I figured both Slendy and Eternity knew where I was anyway, so what the hell right?) and all of a sudden I get this horrible paranoid feeling. And then there was a shadow in the trees..I made a run for the water. I thought it was Him, I really did..hey it was dark and it was a shadow in the trees. Gimme a break.
She stepped out with this smug look on her face, like she was impersonating Him on purpose..Who knows, she might have been. She came to the fire, sat down on the other side.

Eternity> Well, hello Black Hawk. We meet face to face at last. Do not look so afraid, I am not here to play, this time. I merely wish to talk.
Me> Forgive me if I don't trust you at all, in the least. Everything you do is part of some sick game. Following me while I'm being followed by Slendy, you have serious nerve, I'll give you that.
Eternity> Ah yes, the Faceless. Why does he frighten you so, Hawk?
Me> He's the epitome of fear, terror, paranoia. He's the thing kids see in their nightmares, except this nightmare is real and it's out for blood.
Eternity> Out for blood. That is a thing I understand quite well. I have been many people's nightmares, you know. Never children though. I do not like being near children. There is something very disturbing about them.
[[I'm storing this for later. It might be helpful]] Me> Why are you here. How does this fit into your game. I can't imagine small talk is something you are interested in.
Eternity> Well. My usual goal is go get the victim feeling comfortable. But I suspect you know that. But on a serious note, do you know how long it has been since anyone has looked me in the eye and spoken to me? Well. Other than pleas for their lives that is. So an inquiry then. Your name. I wish to know it.
Me> You already do. Black Hawk. My parents were tradition followers. I obtained my name through the traditions of my people. And I don't want to know your name. I'll stick with the name you've given yourself.
Eternity> Why?
Me> I have my reasons. I think you can guess at most of them.
Eternity> I can indeed. In fact, I ......

She cut off and stared directly into the trees opposite the shoreline. She pulled a sword (out of nowhere, might I add. I never saw the thing when she walked up) and sliced at the darkness. A body fell at her feet. It rolled over and looked up at her with a grin. I instantly knew: A servant of Him. He wasn't dead. Disabled by a very well placed cut, but he'll heal eventually. Surprised she didn't kill him actually....

And then there He was. It seemed like he just appeared out of nowhere, just this side of the trees. My God, the voice AGAIN. It hurts... She just stared at Him. Not moving, not even blinking, just staring. I wondered what was going on inside her head, if she was hearing Him, if He had her in some kind of..trance or something. And then I did something odd. I grabbed her and threw her to the ground. He didn't like that, not one bit. I could FEEL his anger...My god, my god, my god...I took off then, diving headfirst into the water, swimming like a madman. I heard a splash behind me, but I didn't stop to look. When I got to the other side, she was nowhere to be seen..The proxy was still there, on his feet now, leaning on a tree branch..I don't know where He went. I'm alive though, and I have a (horrible? relieved? I don't know!) feeling she is too.