Monday, June 27, 2011

Oh, Damn...

The police found my boat a few hours ago while I was away..I came back to the campsite and they were on me like a pack of sharks attack a bleeding animal. I'm so glad I didn't read Eternity's blog post before this happened. I had no idea about the kid, or the witness..
I'll just post an account of the conversation, after the initial "FREEZE, GET ON THE GROUND, DON'T MOVE...bit"

Officer: What are you doing out here? How long have you been here? Where are you from? ((Keep in mind..These guys probably thought I was a killer...))
Me: I'm from (Insert City and State), I'm just out vacationing, getting away from home for a while. I've been here a week or so. Same campsite the whole time. Like i said I'm just vacationing-What's going on?
Officer: Local kid went missing, then the only witness we had to his disappearance drowned in the river a day after. Know anything about it,  son?
Me: No. I don't know either of those people.Never seen them before-I only go to town when I really need something.
Officer: So no one there would know you?
Me: Not likely, but you can try the owner of the corner grocery, he might recognize my face. That's really the only place I've been.
     {They took a snapshot...I couldn't really stop them.}
Officer: Well son, we'll take your name and address if we have more questions. But as of now you're free to go. Might want to find another place to vacation. This area is considered a crime scene now.
Me: I'll be leaving now, then. Or just as soon as you're done searching my stuff.
Officer: Should only be a few more minutes. Your boat there looks just like the one stolen from a boat dock some weeks back, by the way. Odd case, that. We never could find any leads.
    {At this I froze solid..Oh shit, they're going to bust me on that..Fuck...}
Me: That boat's been mine since I was a little kid. Got it for my birthday. I'd give you a number or something to verify it on, but it's long since been worn off by trees, rocks, the like.
Officer: No need for that. We're not interested in your boat. Just finding this kid. Looks like we're done, and since no one's found anything you're free to leave. I don't want to see you here again though, all right?
Me: I won't be back, trust me.

I packed up and left as fast as I could. I'm only stopping to update this blog. I intend to get as far away form this place as possible.

A missing kid. Sleepwalking in the dead of night. Out into the woods. There is no coincidence here. Something's going on.


  1. Oh dear…yes, if you had a gun you would have been arrested.

  2. Hawk..You think that the same person who caused the disappearance is also causing your dreams? It certainly seems plausible. Question is..was this person the primary target here, or were you?

  3. @ThroughTheFog: Yes, indeed...I didn't mention this but, the cops did take my knife to check it for legality..And to swab it for traces of blood or whatever. Luckily it's legal.. If I'd had that gun, my ass would have been toast and I'd have been in jail right now.
    @Eternity: I don't even want to think about the idea that this kid disappeared because of me, that that witness died because of me. Do you have any idea what kind of a burden that is?? Oh wait, I forgot, you torment and sometimes kill people for a hobby. You probably have no issue with people dying as a result of you.

  4. Testy, Testy..It was just a question, Hawk, and a legitimate one at that. The Faceless and his agents will go to any measure to get what they want.