Saturday, May 28, 2011


I've been on the move constantly since I got that little post from Eternity. I never stay more than a few hours in one spot. I've been sleeping in the boat, on the water, just out of eyeshot of the shore. I managed to obtain a water map at a small town store, and that's helped a bit. I can't shake the feeling she still knows where I am though. I can't help but wonder if I'm being too predictable with my movements, but then again if she's as smart as she claims she'll expect and unpredictable move. Rendering it useless. Hey Eternity, question. How did you find me so quickly? Play my game for once.
I saw Slendy again too. First time in a week. I wasn't dumb enough to think He gave up on me, since He's been hunting other, much more elusive Runners for a lot longer than me. I thought He might have lost me though, but, I guess not. How the hell does he do it... Anyway it wasn't much of an encounter compared to the last ones. It was right after I bought the map, I turned around and He was standing by the entrance. I walked by Him this time, instead of running. God it was HARD. I still have a lasting headache from His Voice. Just cometomecometomecometomestoprunningstoprunningyouaremineyoubelongtome over, and over..This is the first time He has added anything other than "come to me" though, it's a little bit worrisome..Fuck this. Fuck Slendy. Fuck Eternity. And Fuck these games.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I'm a bad kid

I stole the boatman's phone on the way out. I had to knock the guy out to keep him from sounding an alarm, luckily for me I know a touch about phone technology and was able to disrupt, maybe even disable, the tracking system. I didn't plan to be seen but I'll give the guy credit he's got eyes like a hawk. Ha, ha.. I swam my way into the marina at about one in the morning, didn't figure on the sailor man staying up all night watching. He opened his mouth to yell and I clocked him with...something, I don't remember what I grabbed to be honest. Since he was out I grabbed his phone and the keys to the locks..I threw whatever I hit him with in the water. I grabbed a kayak and set out for the open water..a motorboat would have been nice, but noisy, and those run out of gasoline. Not to mention, hard to hide and hard to maneuver just anywhere. I had a plan of where to go but I still got lost for a while, nighttime is a bit disorienting with no map or compass and that weird as fuck fog drifting around. That Kay girl is right, it smells awful. This was nothing though, it dissipated soon enough. Nothing like that hell.I hope she's going to be okay~First person to wish me luck avoiding Slender after all. First person who hasn't wanted to kill me, too.
I haven't seen Him since I landed this morning. I am afraid to go to sleep...I think I might sleep in the boat. Whoever it was that says He doesn't really do water is right. Did I mention He watched me leave? Oh yeah, forgot about that. Slender was there at the shore shack too, but I didn't see Him until I pulled away. What a grim and terrifying send-off for a lone Runner.

Oh and before I forget. Morningstar. Eternity. Fuck off, both of you.

Monday, May 23, 2011

mygodthatwasfuckingclose. I saw Him, I signed out, I RAN for the back door of the coffee shop. He was there just outside the door. I ran back through to the front, people looking at me like I was mad as the hatter, I bolted through the front door and thereHewasagainfuckfuckFUCK. I remember reading on a blog not to look directly at Him because then He would be able to connect my mind to His mind or something like that. So I actually ran straight at Him looking right to the left of His..face? Anyway I felt surprise and then He just vanished like He was never there. I've been hearing sirens ever since though and I'm pretty sure the cops are looking to haul me out to an asylum. I can't let this happen because then there would be no escaping, no running, no gettingawayfromHimHewouldhavemecorneredwithnowayoutnowayoutOHGODNOWAYOUT. I have to get out of here. I was thinking of a boat. I could steal one from the marina, it's only a mile away. Wait for the cover of darkness slip out into the Water and be gone. Just sail until I found land again. I know my way around here pretty well, used to kayak it as a kid, not too far from home..I have to leave tonight.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Apologies and a New Start

I fucking ran for it. And He didnt stop me at least not really. I read a few blogs, read up on how to run from Him and how to stay alive. I dont know how long its going to last but im going to give this a shot. I figure its better option than just sitting around my house letting Him torment me into craziness. That last run in was too much for me, it broke me. I stole my neighbors car, waited for Him to come inside...I set my house on fire jumped out the window and drove for all I was worth. I know He's not dead, I'm not sure anything can kill Him, but since I got to the water I haven't seen the Faceless Abomination anywhere. I saw a guy in a mask but he didn't see me and I up and ran again. I guess I'm just another Runner now eh? Another Runner out for survival and who knows, someday I might find another to Run with.