Friday, May 6, 2011

Apologies and a New Start

I fucking ran for it. And He didnt stop me at least not really. I read a few blogs, read up on how to run from Him and how to stay alive. I dont know how long its going to last but im going to give this a shot. I figure its better option than just sitting around my house letting Him torment me into craziness. That last run in was too much for me, it broke me. I stole my neighbors car, waited for Him to come inside...I set my house on fire jumped out the window and drove for all I was worth. I know He's not dead, I'm not sure anything can kill Him, but since I got to the water I haven't seen the Faceless Abomination anywhere. I saw a guy in a mask but he didn't see me and I up and ran again. I guess I'm just another Runner now eh? Another Runner out for survival and who knows, someday I might find another to Run with.

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