Saturday, May 28, 2011


I've been on the move constantly since I got that little post from Eternity. I never stay more than a few hours in one spot. I've been sleeping in the boat, on the water, just out of eyeshot of the shore. I managed to obtain a water map at a small town store, and that's helped a bit. I can't shake the feeling she still knows where I am though. I can't help but wonder if I'm being too predictable with my movements, but then again if she's as smart as she claims she'll expect and unpredictable move. Rendering it useless. Hey Eternity, question. How did you find me so quickly? Play my game for once.
I saw Slendy again too. First time in a week. I wasn't dumb enough to think He gave up on me, since He's been hunting other, much more elusive Runners for a lot longer than me. I thought He might have lost me though, but, I guess not. How the hell does he do it... Anyway it wasn't much of an encounter compared to the last ones. It was right after I bought the map, I turned around and He was standing by the entrance. I walked by Him this time, instead of running. God it was HARD. I still have a lasting headache from His Voice. Just cometomecometomecometomestoprunningstoprunningyouaremineyoubelongtome over, and over..This is the first time He has added anything other than "come to me" though, it's a little bit worrisome..Fuck this. Fuck Slendy. Fuck Eternity. And Fuck these games.

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  1. You run well, Hawk. However, your boat is not out of eye shot for me. You forget who I am and what I do. The night is my specialty, my eyes are accustomed to it just as they are the daylight. Incidentally, what was that you dropped in the lake last night?

    Oh, and as for your information request? I suppose no harm will come of my answer. It was the fog.