Wednesday, August 3, 2011

That Bastard.

Eternity here. Apparently Hypnos has seen fit to hijack my blog and post his threats there. Hawk has graciously allowed me to join him here, which makes sense anyway seeing as we have no plans to be come separated again in the near future.

How did he do it, is what I want to know. Hawk thinks he may have broken into more than just my external computer, if you follow.

Because I am having the dream now. The man in the wilderness, atop the hill, beckoning. Except this time, he has scars on his hands and neck. As if now, he can no longer hide them.
Yes. That is right. Hypnos was the man in Hawk's dream all along. Which means he likely has access to this blog as well. We apologize for anything he does or says in advance.

That's all for now. Hawk and I need some time to process this new twist. And we'll be leaving as soon as we coordinate with our ride. Your threats are nothing, Hypnos. We will not stay here just because you want us to. We will not fall into your plans like lambs led for slaughter.


  1. Well…at least now we know why he chose "Hypnos." I personally would have gone with Erebus or Morpheus, but whatever.

  2. I'd have loved it if he chose Morpheus. It would be so easy to make fun of him then.

  3. Matrix jokes would have been endless.. HA.