Monday, August 29, 2011

You have until Friday to Decide.

I found you Easily.
I have been Patient.
I have waited Outside
You return this courtesy by Mockery.
You shoot at Us.
You laugh when one is Consumed.
Enough Games.

Come to us.
Or Friday we will come to You.
This is your Choice. 
Make it Soon.

~I Have Spoken~


  1. I leave for FIVE MINUTES and look what happens.
    Come at us, Hypnos. We're ready for you. We have a few tricks up our sleeves that we would love to try out on the likes of you.

  2. You confuse mockery with murderous intent, Hypnos.

    You come to us.

  3. I suppose that they've made their choice. What now for Hypnos? Wait until Friday, or attack now?

  4. We've made our choice all right. Why keep asking. You just expect me to walk in an surrender or something? Fuck you Hypnos. Come this way, and we'll show you a thing or two about hell on earth.