Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Moments of hilarity and confusion

Skan was right, Hypnos' lackeys don't seem very bright. Today all but proves it. I woke up about an hour from sunrise feeling unusually kind, so I figured I would make Eternity and Skan breakfast for whenever they woke up.
I stepped outside for a moment just to clear my head of drowsiness, and what do I see? One of the lackeys, walking straight towards me. I figured the others were in the background, that this was some kind of assault or something. He appeared to be unarmed, but you can never tell with these people.. I slowly backed up towards the door, where I had my handgun stashed. But there was no one with him. He was alone.

At this moment, I went from thinking that we were under attack to thinking that this guy is insane. Does he NOT realize it's still dark, and the Rake likes to prowl around at night? Apparently not. Either he's an idiot, or Hypnos has kept him locked in a box  and conveniently forgot to tell him about The Clawed One.

What happened just after this made my head hurt for hours. The Rake pounced him as he approached the wards. It came out of nowhere like a creature from hell. The lackey immediately went down, the Rake on top of him. In the following flurry of activity I saw an arm go flying off into the woods behind them. I'm not entirely positive about what happened next, but I pretty much blinked and they both disappeared.  The Rake probably dragged him off somewhere. I hope there isn't a body on the perimeter again....


  1. Stupid minions make for messy cleanup. I pity the one who has to deal with that.

  2. I wonder if he was trying to defect... it would have been interesting if he had made it past the wards since the Witches Bottles at least are activated by ill-intent.

  3. I hate to ask this, but does the Rake just kill or does he...consume...his victims?
    If the latter is the case you won't need to worry about a mess..

  4. @Dia: Well. The only cleanup so far is the arm that Skan found..So far no body.
    @Mystery: I wonder as well. It's a bit strange that he would just...walk towards us with no backup or anything.. What would they do if he did try to cross with ill-intent..?
    @Skan: Yeah. That was just gross..
    @Zia: I'm really not sure..

  5. With ill-intent, he probably wouldn't be able to, but saying he did...have you seen the original Dune where the young duke is made to put his hand in a box and imagine "pain?" It starts with an itch maybe... discomfort certainly, and progresses from there the longer the person remains inside the wards and intends harm. Imagine an itch you can't scratch but can only obsess over.

  6. The Rake consumes as he kills.