Saturday, September 3, 2011

Sorry I took so long..

We've been cleaning up for the greater part of today. Hypnos isn't a liar, but he sure is a bastard. He waited until Friday was almost OVER to come for us. By the time Eternity noticed shadows moving on the fringes of the wards, all three of us were wound up so tight that for a moment, Skan and I just thought she was seeing things.
Until of course, there was a quiet snapping sound followed by a very audible explosion. That would be one of Skan's beautifully designed land mines. It lit up the night enough to let us know the the guy didn't step dead center on it. He would have been dead..As it is, He's probably just missing a lot of blood and maybe a limb. Probably. One down
The explosion cast off enough light to illuminate the surrounding area for just a brief moment, which was all we needed to see the shadows of a rather large seeming group of proxies. Eternity counted about 8 of them in all. And out in front, the man with the cane. Hypnos. They stepped up the the wards..And Hypnos...He looked up at the house and smiled. I SAW him...I FELT him..I shouldn't have been able to see his face in the dark from that far away. But, it seemed like he was just feet in front of me.. He stepped across. One step, two, three. Then he turned to his group and beckoned. One by one they stumbled across, all but the last one. He collapsed with his hands on his head..I suppose whatever Hypnos did to get his group across didn't work on him. Two down.

A group of six split off from Hypnos and charged the front door. The three of us looked at one another and nodded. I sighed. Show time. Skan waited until they group was within acceptable throwing range, then flipped on the giant floodlight. The group of 6 looked up, just to see the shadows of three molotovs sailing out the window. All three landed just in front of the charging proxies. Only three made it through the wall of flames. I don't know what happened to the rest, I couldn't see them afterwards. And I am trying very hard not to care. They came here to fight, right? Three, four, five down.

The remaining three came right for the front door. Skan brought one of them down with the shotgun, right after he threw a rock through the window. Not bad aim, either. Hit her right on the arm. Of course, then a slug hit HIM in the arm. Six down. The last two reached the door and started pounding on it, just as a crash sounded in the back. One of the snares, set to trap the first person trying to force the back door. Oh no. No No No. Eternity sprinted for the back door, sword in hand. I tried shooting out the window at the two breaking down the front door, but no matter how hard I tried...I emptied two clips at them. No hits.

I heard gunshots in the back, followed by a scream. And laughter. Eternity... But no. I hear blades clashing, cursing...She's all right. The two in front of us finally got in. One of them apparently jumped through the window in the next room. I went for this one, consequently losing sight of Skan. The proxy tackled me to the floor and started beating the shit out of me. I managed to get a foot free, and I kicked for the head. The mask flew off to reveal the face of a younger girl. She snarled at me and jumped at me with a knife. Cut me right across the face, and spat on me. "Hypnos will have you, little Hawk. That's the only reason you aren't dead. Pity, same might not be said for your little girlfriends." Then she jumped back out the window and ran for the forest.

I bolted for the front door. Skan was there,  a little bloodied up, but nothing serious. I haven't asked what happened. Perhaps, she will post it later. We heard some noises coming from the forest again. Oh God, no no, not more of them. Another group of four, with the girl who attacked me. They were coming again. We had one more weapon though.. Skan and I got up the stairs as fast as possible. In the upstairs window sat a bag of baseball sized rocks, next to that a small catapult. We took Mystery's advice and pained wards on rocks. Last ditch effort. We launched rock after rock out the window. None of the proxies were hit,  a few came deadly close though. They didn't like that...Apparently, they weren't ready for a barrage of warded rocks. Ten minutes later they melted back into the forest. I could hear them screaming angrily.

Eternity. Where is she. I ran back downstairs...She met me at the bottom of them.
"Three charged the back..One of them is alive and PISSED to all hell trapped in that door snare. One of them..I think he's dead. I didn't mean to. The last one broke and took off about five minutes ago."

Oh thank God. I don't know what possessed me, but I picked her up in a giant bear hug. And then she kissed me. Just like that. Both of us, covered in blood, weapons in hand...

Skan started laughing. Then we started laughing. Battle-high, all of us...

And you know what. All three of us agree. Hypnos never showed his ugly face here all night.


  1. I'm.... happy? Upset? Annoyed at Hypnos? I don't even know. Congrats on beating them back, but fuck... I'd have preferred if he didn't come at all.

  2. I'm glad none of your were hurt. I don't know how they got past your wards, but now that they can, I doubt they'll sit on their thumbs. I'd get rid of Eternity's prisoner if I were you. That's Hypnos' man on the inside as it were, and he's more of a liability than a not. Who knows what Hypnos could do through him. Question him, not that I think you'll get much out of him; then push him out the door and tell him to get lost. At the very least, he's a useless drain on your attention and resources.

    It also disturbs me that Hypnos crossed the boundary but didn't attack with the rest of his goons. If you didn't see him leave, then he could still be there. So be careful!

    And if that's not bad enough, the captcha word to type to post this comment was "portent."

  3. My favorite is the catapult. I am glad this worked. I am glad you drove them away. I too am worried, though. Hypnos doesn't seem to have given up, only taken a brief respite from his attack. I worry he will resume it. He seems like a tactician yet to reveal his trump card.
    Be careful Hawk.
    And protect your new love :)