Friday, July 1, 2011

Sometimes, people really get on my nerves. Today I saw an older-seeming man in the street break his cane while crossing..did people stop their cars to help? No. Did someone on foot come out to help him up? No. Did anyone pay him a second glance? Course not...Most didn't even give him a first.
I ran out in the crosswalk and helped him to his feet and over to the coffeehouse. I've seen him before a few times, making his way to the drugstore or sipping coffee from an old red mug on the outdoor patio.
This is the first time we've made eye contact though...And then I noticed something. He can't be any older than 30. How odd...So I decided to ask him about it.

Me: Pardon me for asking, but how old are you? Seems like you're really young to have a limp like offense meant of course.
Him: Nah, it's fine, trust me I get it all the time. It's a war injury. I fought for my cause for three straight years, and one night I got a little too cocky and got stabbed in the leg. Never been the same since then. Got a new job though, and I'm good at it. My command's been good to me.
Me: You do what you have to I guess. Did you get those scars on your neck and hands the same night?
Him: Oh these? Yeah..Yeah I did. Little bastard. Wasn't supposed to happen like that. It was supposed to be a smooth operation. Wasn't supposed to fight back. Anyway thanks for your help kid. Stay safe and be watchful.

And that was it. He hobbled away, presumably to buy a new cane. Should have asked if he wanted help, but he didn't really give me a chance. The end of it struck me.. "Stay safe and be watchful" ...How fitting considering my circumstances. It was odd..I feel like I know him from somewhere. But before here I'd never seen him before. I do feel bad for him though...only a little older than me, and crippled up and scarred for life. Makes me feel for everyone who's been injured fighting for their cause...Or in this line of work, fighting to stay alive. Like that friend on Anonymous' blog. Drake, I think. Permanently damaged, just trying to make it through. It's terrible.

I've probably said this before. But I'll say it again. Fuck you Slendy.


  1. If he had wanted help, he would have asked. He seemed pretty self-sufficient to me. I'm sure he appreciated your help in the street because who doesn't appreciate that kind of concern for their well-being, but offering more might have offended him.

    Still sound advice and sometimes the universe throws you a bone. Maybe his cane broke expressly so you might be warned by him to watch out for "little bastards." It's not just adults that Slendy takes....

  2. True. I wouldn't want to offend him. He seemed genuinely angry at whoever fought back against him. I hope for their sakes, those people are far away.

    Things happen for a reason, eh? I believe they usually do. I hope I'm not faced with a proxied child. I'm not sure what I'd do.

  3. People are so inconsiderate.
    “Stay safe and be watchful?” That was an odd comment…

  4. Very odd parting words. But then, it sounds like this man has been through all sorts of hell. From that perspective, it becomes slightly less strange.
    The other thing I find a bit odd is this: What war is he fighting that he expects his targets to not fight back?

  5. I don't know. I never thought about it.