Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Getting Ready to Roll

The mission is close to being underway. I'm going through with it in a few days. Going home that is. I've packed up some supplies, cleaned up the room a little bit. I know it sounds a bit like I'm putting my affairs in order, but...Maybe I am, a little. I know what I'm doing isn't the safest thing I could do. But nothing in life is safe anymore.

I have a few things I want to say, just in case. I hope I'm not bringing in bad luck or whatever by doing this, but..Well it is what it is. Thank you to everyone who's been a speck of sanity in the incredible craziness. Just a quick note: I lit off a firework or two in the mystery man's face the other night..He reached out (we were in a city this time..I guess the landscape in my head changes with the landscape in real life?) and without thinking I just bombed the guy. I haven't had the dream since-I think he might be a little mad, wherever he might be. Eternity I know you might not read this (DAMN FILTER!!!) but just in case, I'm glad you figured things out even if it's too late to escape Him completely. I'm back down to one stalker. Hah. Maybe someday we can meet on friendlier terms, eh?

 Who knows, maybe I'll get lucky and do this without running into tall and faceless. It's always possible right?

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  1. Are you alright? It's been over a week since you OR Eternity have posted. If I didn't know you hated one another, I'd wonder if you eloped. (That was a joke :) haha lightening the mood... hopefully?)

    Please update or message me or something.