Monday, July 25, 2011

Events, Part 2: Meetings

There was something that felt entirely wrong about my house. From the moment I walked in, I could feel all sorts of...bad things. Everything I had come for was in the same room, a supply closet of sorts on the first floor, opposite from the burned area.I briefly considered walking into my room, but..I couldn't make myself do it. Something..something was preventing me from it. I felt as if there was a wall there. I'm not sure...what was causing it, if it was just my own misgivings, but..I didn't go in. I went to the closet, gathered everything I wanted into a couple of packs, and left. Something was getting more and more wrong by the minute. Time to get the hell out of here. Darkness....I'd already overstayed my time limit.

I don't know why I left through the back door. But it probably saved my life.As I walked out, the front entryway collapsed in on itself. I dismissed it at the time as instability caused by the fire, but looking back..I think it was a trap. Some sort of thing designed to fall in when a door was opened. And then I saw her. Eternity. Crouched behind an old rusted car that I do not remember owning. From the moment I set eyes on her...she looked haggard. Worried. Not the Eternity that was intent on making me one of her sick and twisted games.

E: Hawk. Thank God. I was afraid he'd found you first. When I heard that collapse...
Me: He? Who? You mean...HIM?
E: No...No, the man..The man with the scars, and the limp?
Me: What man? Is someone else here?
E: Oh yes. Yes..He has been here for two days now. I saw him arrive. I didn't know how to get a hold of you..And even if I tried, the filter..
Me: So he's looking for me. One of His minions.

A voice cut me off then. "Soldier. Not minion. Chosen by Him to find you. Both of you. Stupid little Eternity, sticking your nose in places it did not belong. Now you are His as well. We would have left you alone, you know. He would have made me, though I never would have forgiven you for what you did to me"
He stepped out of the shadows then. A man with a cane. And scars on his neck and arms.
  He continued speaking. "It started that night you know. That night you crippled me with your stupid sword. I thought I was useless to Him then. I was a soldier, built for hard living. I was used for this purpose. I asked Him to kill me then, but...No. He is good to me. He taught me things. How to walk in dreams. How to manipulate the mind, the senses.. My first real test was your filter. It seems I have failed. But no matter, you are both here now, and you will both surrender at once."
Hawk: "I know you. You...You....You are the man in the street. The broken cane. That was you."
 Him: "Ah yes. So kind of you to remember me. I never lied to you, Hawk. I told you it was a war injury. That I received the wounds the same night."
H: "Manipulations that might as well be lies. Eternity should have killed you that night. She could have, easily."
Him: "But she did not. Her first sign of weakness. I grow impatient of the small talk, children. Submit to Him now, or I will force you to."

To be continued when I get back. Eternity has finally woken up..And I have a newspaper to read.


  1. I guess it's true what they say... no good deed goes unpunished.

    At least Eternity found you and is no longer intent on killing you. So, HE did some good? Maybe?

    Well, two heads are better than one. I hope that you guys will be able to watch each others backs until you can get somewhere safer.

  2. That miserable..He did it all on purpose. The meeting in the street was no chance. I still don't get why he thought he had to show his face in the street that day. It served little purpose as far as I can tell.

    I should have killed him twice now. Give me half a chance and I won't fail again...

  3. Good deed...I should have kicked his crippled leg and pushed him in front of a bus. Especially since it was all a setup...
    Maybe He did. I guess to keep sane it's good to look at it that way..We've got someone to watch our backs and Eternity is no longer a..whatever she was.
    We've got to find a place to go now though. I'm not sure where to begin..

  4. If I had to say why this guy showed you his face, I'd say it was arrogance. He was gloating. It probably gave him a sick chuckle.

    I'd say come to Jersey, but with what's been going on and that Prosper bastard killing anyone friendly with Shady, I couldn't promise you'd be safe.

  5. You could come to my’d just have to sneak past the Rake. Which isn’t as impossible as it sounds; I’ve found three ways to get past him safely.

  6. @Eternity: Mystery's probably right about the arrogant bastard gloating over whatever success he had.. Just please for the love of god don't do anything rash.
    @Mystery: This Prosper sounds like a real piece of work. I hope he's not the one that's been causing you all this trouble with dreams and messages lately..
    @Skan: You know. Let's talk. I'm sure your place is a lot safer than this grungy old basement...Even if it does have the Rake. I just don't want to drag you into this mess that Eternity and I have going on..Slendy hauntings and mysterious proxies cropping up..

  7. If left to my own devises I would have encountered Slendy eventually. You two are welcome at my place.

    I don’t think the Rake will tolerate proxies in it’s territory…

  8. Huh. Using the Rake as protection. That sounds quite......strange? Ha. So how do we get by it?

  9. Strange but effective. Probably. Heh.

    That depends on how far away you are from me. If you’re fairly close/able to travel a little ways I could pick you up in my Rake-proof car and simply drive you past the Rake. If you’re not/can’t, I can fetch you via helicopter.

    Way number three is a work in progress...and not applicable in this situation anyways.

  10. Alright well, we're pretty far away I think, but we can travel anywhere you need us to be. Eternity says she's feeling up to getting wherever we need to go. Our location is in central California.