Thursday, March 10, 2011


Well..I guess I'll start this off with a name. Black Hawk. Call me that..It's safer than my real name I guess.. Second. Who in the name of heaven and hell is this 'Slender Man'? A few weeks ago I get this invite to watch a few harmless paranormal-activity style videos on YouTube. I am not normally the type to be scared by some videos, no matter how well made they are. Next thing you know, I can't sleep, can't focus clearly, keep hearing noises, seeing things out of the corner of my eye...

      About a week later the strangest thing happened.. I'm hiking the woods around my house like I do every day. I suddenly just get...freaked out...I ran back home and buried myself in my room, trying to drown out the unnatural fear. Next day I get curious and walk to that same spot again and I see this (X) drawn onto a tree with chalk. I poured my water bottle on it, and it disappeared.
 The next day, same thing. Day after that, it's carved deeply into at least six trees in this small area.  What the HELL. Is going on. I watch some videos for fun, then the same sign shows up carved and drawn into trees near my house? How did they get there? What IS it?


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